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About me

The 60ies

Musical period of my life begins...


I play guitar only in these years, singing within, what I play, it is rock'n'roll...


The 70ies


I become co-founder of a first band in my life, I participate in it's performing playing guitar especially and singing also in it, soon composing even some of it's songs – of course, the tunes for this songs, I mean...

These ones are mostly folk-like sort of ones..

I'm starting be influenced with Celtic tunes..

Besides this I cooperate with my father, upcoming author of most of lyrics for my future production...

A songbook rises up, name's “Songs of our family”. This cooperation lasts as long as up to his death in year 1990..


One of the first of the lyrics is a creation of my elder sister Zina..


The 80ies


A band called “Cantores Bohemiae' arises, with my participation – of course – in it, which follows a renaissance-like style of music based on by-me-composed original tunes.. I compose tunes for this songs mostly upon texts of both Czech and world's classical poetry.. (it's in Czech translation – the world's poetry – of course..)  




The 90ies


I'm playing nearly each day on the Charles' Bridge (Karluv most), where I played even in the years before - in the second half of eighties -, still in the time of the communistic totalitarian regime..

After it's extinction in November 89 the destination consequently becomes to be a primary “home-stage” for all my music production..

The Cantores Bohemiae Band performs then in still-changing member-casting continuously until the half of nineties. During these years we are undertaking a bunch of unusual and interesting shows...


Also we are producing two original albums in this time... “A Songs of Karluv most I.” and “A Songs of Karluv most II.”  


The second half of the 90ies


In this years I start to be much more independent, being influenced with art-code of the Gothic ages.. That's why I'm beginning to use more with-period instruments. Such as: shawms, bagpipes, chalumeaus, krumhorns, cistras, hurdy-gurdy .. etc.

I produce my first solo CD with guest invited to participate in it. Name is “New troubadour's songs”


Then I'm acting in a role of trouvére in a play ”The Death of Wenceslas II” by Tomas Belko, meanwhile I become an author of the music (tunes) of this performance, too.


Also I'm participating in producing of movie “Stone Bridge” by director Tomas Vorel. In parallel with my solo activities I'm founding a “Jagabab” band, which performs then as genuine old-age-music-style ensemble.



New Millenium

In the beginning of the 1st decade of this century I'm reviving my solo performing keeping on in

my path of troubadour ..

After disagreement and improper acting and corruptive treatment from side of autocratic professed cheafs of so-called 'the Charles' Brigde Performer's&Artist's Association', I'm pushed of the Charles'Brigde off... . .

My playing in streets, however, I'm not giving up – I keeping doing this on.. . playing especially in Nerudovka street, Little Square (Malé naměstí) and Hradčanské Square..

Besides this still I'm engaged in The Estate Theatre (Stavovské divadlo) in Prague for several years, featuring here in a role of “Musician” in Shakespeare's “Romeo & Juliet”.

Next I composed original music for performance of well-known Czech pupet-performer Pavel Vangeli, the play is called “Fool's Heroisms”.

After this I published video-tape “A Songs of Wandering Troubadour” and then a new solo CD “Roaming Bard”.

The longer I play, the more I'm concentrated for and involved in playing hurdy-gurdy and short harp.

It is summer year 2004 and I'm co-founding – with my friends – guitarist Zdenek Hrasek and singer Petr Opava – a new band, name is W.O.H.

Meanwhile I perform with 'Piosenki' band as a guest, playing here on bag-pipes, chalumeau and shawms..

Year 2006 my cooperation with both Piosenki and WOH is ended. Petr Opava is leaving, Jiri Jelinek comes in the fall of the same year and replaces Petr.. this is how Ameba band rises up...


In year 2009 I'm taking part in filming a fairytale-movie “Dilino and the Deuce” directed by J.Hovorka.


The Present Decade

In the beginning of year 2012 I get a role of a musician in a franch movie “The man, who is laughing”, based upon a well-known novel by Victor Hugo. Director's Jean-Piere Ameris, one of the main roles gets Gerard Deperdieu.

In the beginning of July of the same year the Ameba band finishes it's existence.

In the half of July a new band – Wao Wao – is founded.. members are Aneta Aberlova – singing; Petr Obava – bouzouki, percussion, showms and singing; as third – the last member – me, playing hurdy-gurdy, cistra, harp, sitar, showms and singing, too.


In the beginning of year 2013 I'm leaving Wao Wao, the 6th of March there's a last show of this band with me still in it, which takes place in Kain club...