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Musical Instruments

In order to express wealth and authenticity of traditional music's heretage, I use a broad spectre of musical instruments in my work.. It starts with repliques of early gothic era's musical instruments, then the mid- and late gotic ones and then the renaissance ones as well.. as far as upto the the ethnical sort of it.


It occurs in the 9th century in Europe. It is used as a solo instrument and as accompanying instrument as well..It works on principle of still-rotatinginfinit disk-like round bow. A musician gives the rotation to this round-bow using its handle.. A melody is being created through pressing its keys, by which then the melody strings are being shortened..


A mediaeval simplified sort of bagpipe.

It consists of leather bag and two pipes, one of them is a melody pipe, the other one makes a background sound, so-called 'drone'.

Gemshorns aka Animals' horns

These are cleaned up horns of various animal species, especially chamois or goat. There is a hollow drilled trough it, with the end of it still closed, finally it's tuned as various kinds of whistles.


Harp is one of the oldest musical instruments in history at all. It is a chordophone specific through the issue, that its strings stand upright to its resonator.

Here-shown piece is a 30string Celtic harp.


It is an instrument been developed from early-mediaeval reed whistles. It features with construction analogical to the one of recorder with the diferrence, that its mouthpiece works upon so-called single-reed system, in its clarinet-like version.

Well-known through its covert honey-like voice.

Assumed as predecessor of clarinet.


Crumhorn is an age-old instrument with its origin in early gothic era, which gained its repute in the age of renaissance. It is a wooden double-reed woodcap aerophone with cylindric drill and typical bend.


is a woodwind double-reed instrument with conic drill, occasionally with a windcap.

Its origin reaches as far as upto the deep old-ages, to the era and region of ancient Mesopotamia.

In Europe proved since the age of crusades..

Often supposed to be a streight predecessor of oboe or cor angleis..


A folk woodwind single- or double-reed instrument which occurs in very most of europian countries. It consists of big leather bag and several pipes, where one of pipes is a melody pipe – the chanter, then the other ones (1 to 4 of them) the back-sound ones – the drones.